a series by Ben Kopke and Caddie Hastings

A Series Proposal

The Project

Peaks Island is a supernatural coming-of-age series set on the coast of Maine.

In the spirt of Buffy the Vampire Slayer it will draw on "true" and legendary New England ghost stories.

The Story

The series follows a high school girl living on Peaks Island, Maine. We pick up in the aftermath of her father's disappearance. A lobsterman, he went missing while off a never-fished ledge. She is is left to navigate being a teenager while coping with the loss of a parent. The circumstances around her father's death, meanwhile, grow increasingly mysterious.


The Team

Caddie Hastings and Ben Kopke are the creators and co-directors of Peaks Island. Caddie is a graduate of Wesleyan University's Film Studies program. In addition to her work producing trailers, TV spots and behind the scenes featurettes, she has produced and directed a number of short documentary and narrative films. She is also an accomplished photographer, with a client list ranging from Dwell Magazine to Lululemon. Caddie will be joined in direction by Ben Kopke. Ben is the Creative Director at Mixed Media Workshop, an award winning and Webby-nominated digital studio.

Ben and Caddie ran a successful five-digit Kickstarter campaign to fund the short film REUNION. Shot on location in Los Angeles and Mexico, REUNION played at festivals in the United States and Mexico.

Caddie and Ben will be co-directing the feature film DISTANCE.

Look & Feel

The directors maintain a Tumblr site and Spotify playlist for Peaks Island.

In style and aesthetics, the directors draw inspiration from series such as NBC's Friday Night Lights, the first season of HBO's True Detective, Netflix's The OA and films such as IT FOLLOWS.


Peaks Island will be shot in Maine, featuring locations on Peaks Island, Portland and vicinity.


Ben Kopke & Caddie Hastings